Frequently Asked Questions

Vistara Virtual is a copy of the real world airline which abides by its schedules in the simming world. Our motive it is to make flying online great again. We believe in simplicity along with unmatched technology. We abide by the policy “Customers First”, thus for us our pilots are very important. You may reach out to us anytime any moment.

VistaPoints System™ is a unique initiative by Vistara Virtual to promote its pilots to learn and grow.

No problem, everyone is not a born master. Join our best in class training program and get trained by our best trainers.

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You need to visit to download section and download SmartCars and Vistara Livery. The process is simple just Bid and Fly, no choosing, nothing. Directly Bid and Fly.

Yes, Vistara Virtual gives its pilots an opportunity to explore the world at the screen of the computer. You may fly any route with the integrated Charters System.

It’s simple, whenever the VA organises an event it would be published on the website and all social media platforms.

If you are facing the problem of points not being added, don’t worry our staff will manually add them for you. If the problem still persists use the contact us form and will sort it out for you.

Yes, definitely you can fly any type of aircraft but you may earn less VistaPoints.